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Category: Asia


My sister likes to duplicate someone’s pose. Everytime we travel and see an interesting statue, she’ll ask me to take a picture of her act. The picture above is one example.

It was taken at Wat Phnom , the tallest religious structure in Phnom Penh. When you come to the east entrance, you’ll see Dwarapalakas statues (guard of the temple) on the main stairway. There will be a small fee US$ 1 .

** This post is participated in Weekly Photo Challenge Life Imitates Art **

Make A Wish

There are few ways to express a wish making. Either to pray, throw a coin into a pool/well or maybe blow a candle on your birthday cake.

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang – Malaysia has colourful wishing ribbons. Each colour represent a different wish. Success, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity etc.

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